PreMix Burners

Selas offers a full line of premix gas burners in a variety of shapes and sizes to handle thermal applications from metals, ceramics, and chemicals, to glass, textiles and fiberglass.
A full premix burner line for all types of applications
Selas premix gas burners encompass many different styles including duradiant, superheat, PRS, multi-port PR, refrak, ribbon, anti-involution, and EG burners.

They bring versatility, control and stability to a host of applications from soldering, high temperature brazing and glass polishing, to ink or textile drying, air heating and annealing/tempering. All of our pre-mix burner types are designed to offer long service life over a wide operating range.




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Duradiant® Burners

Selas Duradiant premix gas burners provide controlled radiant heat to improve product quality and enhance productivity for a wide variety of materials including metals, ceramics, chemicals, petroleum, glass, fabrics and foods. More Info

Superheat Burners

Selas superheat burners increase the effectiveness of selective open heating by releasing high heat only to very specific areas of a workpiece. More Info

Pyroline Burners

Pyronics PYRO-LINE Burners are cast iron, drilled port continuous line burners with alloy side rails. Pyronics Midget Pyroline Burners are low capacity, blast, line type units. More Info

Tunnel Burners

Pyronics Tunnel Burners will burn any standard fuel gas at mixture pressures ranging from 0.1 to 60 W. C. More Info

PRS Spear Flame Burners

PRS Spear Flame BurnersSelas PRS spear flame gas burners are designed to produce a piloted spear-like heating flame allowing wide turn down and offering flexibility, advantageous performance and long life. More Info

Multiport PR Gas Burners

Multi Port PR BurnersSelas Multiport Perforated Refractory (PR) burners have multiport burner screens that break up flame into a large number of small flames.More Info

Refrak Burners

Refrak BurnersThe Selas Refrak Screen burner is a sealed-in tunnel burner with superior flame retention and combustion characteristics.More Info

Ribbon Burners

Selas Ribbon Burners are specially designed heating units for use where a narrow, uniform sheet or ribbon of flame is desired.More Info

Anti-Involution Burners

The Selas Anti-Involution burner employs a high velocity combustion method that provides uniform glass melting ideal for use in fiberglass production. More Info

Pyrojet Air Heater

Pyronics Pyro-jet Heaters are compact, push through, high release and high velocity type heaters. More Info

Blast Tips, Torches, Nozzles

Selas/Pyronics has a variety of premix burner nozzles and tips for use in burner applications. More Info

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