Heavy Duty Igniters
ERB-Ensign Ignition Electrodes are heavy duty, long lasting igniters that are available in any length and many designs (straight tip, bent tip, flag tip, tent, etc.). Made of non-corrosive stainless steel bodies, the cartridges are made of the highest grade steatite that can withstand temperatures up to 1,700° F without breaking. Nichrome or Kanthol tips are used to both spark and rectify the flame. These tips can withstand temperatures to 2,400° F.

FarSide Sensing™

Certain localities, nationally and internationally, require you to rectify a flame over a certain length. In Canada, for example, you need to prove the flame if the burner is longer than 1 meter. ERB offers a proven, reliable solution to this problem. FarSide Sensing™ has TSA approvals and has been in operation for over 3 years. This product can be retrofitted to any burner and is available for new installations.

Flame Safeties
Local, State, National and International codes state that you need the ability to prove you have a flame after ignition of the air/gas mixture. The following ERB products deliver what you need for compliance.

THE Flame safety for all industries. Available in 120V and less than 1 amp. This economical solution to flame rectification is a must. It’s simple to use and install. It uses the same igniter to both spark the air/gas mixture and then rectify the presence of the flame. It comes in a sturdy enclosure with On/Off switch, and red and green lights that easily let you know it’s doing its job. The module alone is also available.

This flame safety is the same as the SNS-120 but also provides a remote return signal should you require a separate probe for rectification.

Spark N Sense
This 24V Honeywell model S-87 comes in a sturdy aluminum box and meets most regulations.