QUAL-O-RIMETERĀ® Monitors And Adjusts Fuel Gas Quality
For industrial service where changes in fuel gas or ambient air characteristics will upset the heating process, the mixture output from the combustion controller can be monitored and controlled. The Selas Qual-O-Rimeter Mixture Monitor detects any deviation in flame temperature and automatically adjusts the gas/air ratio to compensate. By connecting the Qual-O-Rimeter sample line immediately downstream of the combustion controller, continuous and accurate correction for gas and ambient air variations is assured before production is affected.

The Selas Qual-O-Rimeter Mixture Monitor is superior to oxygen analyzers for temperature-sensitive processes. Pushbutton control, digital display, and microprocessor circuitry assure easy operation and fast-acting response. Built-in alarms and an output for optional recorder are also included.

Two models are available from Selas to handle either raw gas or complete mix of air/gas premixing systems. Click on one of the links on the right side of this page to read more about them.