UHF burners provide delayed mixing and uniform progressive combustion for even tube heating, temperature uniformity and optimum tube life. Flame length and geometry are adjustable through the possible use of an air-gas partial pre-mixing that suits the flame to the job.

UHF burners can be used with preheated air up to 480°C, and may be operated in a high-low, a high-low-off mode or fully modulated over a 5 to 1 turndown range, using excess air at low fire.

Burner ignition is achieved by a direct spark ignition electrode (“Wand”); flames can be monitored using UV scanners.


  • Radiant “U” tubes
  • Radiant “O” tubes
  • Radiant “W” tubes
  • Radiant “L” tubes
  • Trident radiant tubes

Features and Benefits

  • Sealed nozzle mix design
  • Superior flame stability and mixing at all firing rates
  • Flame length adjustment
  • 5 to 1 turndown with excess air at low fire
  • Typical oxygen levels in the exhaust gases: 3 to 4% @ high fire, 12 to 16% @ low fire
  • Accepts hot air up to 480°C
  • Low air and gas pressures
  • Direct spark ignition Wand
  • Excellent adaptability