Pyronics<sup>®</sup> SW Flat Flame Burner

Pyronics® SW Flat Flame Burner

The swirling air stream produces a negative vortex at the mouth of the refractory block.

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Pyronics<sup>®</sup> XNM Excess Air Burner

Pyronics® XNM Excess Air Burner

Nozzle mixing types designed for 800% excess air for single tunnel cool flame applications.

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Pyronics<sup>®</sup> NM Series

Pyronics® NM Series

The NM burner features short flames, wide turndown ranges and very stable combustion.

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Selas DNS Series

Selas DNS Series

Features a unique cup-like design that allows combustion air and fuel gas to quickly and thoroughly mix at the nozzle.

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