Combustion Air Blowers - Air Ductors

Selas offers many models of combustion air blowers, air ductors, and assemblies for industrial applications. A combustion blower pushes higher volumes of air into a premix system, usually at higher pressure. Air ductors, on the other hand, take the supplied higher pressure combustion air/gas supply into the combustion system at a lower pressure.
Selas/Pyronics combustion blowers offer constant pressure

Selas/Pyronics LC (Low Cost) patented combustion blowers offer constant pressure in a strong enclosure. Selas/Pyronics provides 3 types of equipment for combustion air supply: compressors, blowers and ductors. Compressors draw air into Selas Combustion Controllers and pressure the air/gas premix for delivery to the burner system. Air blowers are centrifugal fans that supply combustion air at required volumes and pressures. Air ductors are regulating devices that supply combustion air supplied from air compressors.




LC Blowers w/ and w/o Filter

Pyronics Low Cost Blowers are rugged, dependable, constant pressure machines. More Info

Mini LC Blower

These blowers are used for many industrial and commercial applications requiring air at a specific pressure and volume. More Info

Standard Air Ductors

Pyronics Air-Ductors are useful for supplying large volumes of air at pressures of 1 psig or less when high-pressure air is available at steady pressure. More Info

Midget Air Ductors

Pyronics Midget Air-Ductors are designed to supply combustion air up to 16 osi when supplied with a small quantity of high pressure air. More Info

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Selas develops precise, integrated combustion systems that mix, meter and monitor heat for specific thermal process applications. More Info