Support Services

Support Services

To ensure that our customers get maximum performance and efficiency from our combustion products, Selas employs experienced engineers to assist you.

Our engineering support team can provide the following services:

  • Supervise installation of Selas combustion equipment
  • Provide guidance on operation of the combustion equipment
  • Review and evaluate combustion systems
  • Supervise testing of combustion equipment
Upgrades and Retrofits

Upgrades and Retrofits

Selas combustion components are durable and built to last for decades.

Although our components are designed to last a long time under extreme conditions, a little maintenance is required occasionally. As part of our customer service commitment we provide refurbishing and upgrade services for our larger equipment. These include:

  • Combustion controls
  • Mixing valves
  • Compressors
  • Qual-O-Rimeters
  • Flo-scopes
  • Superheat slot burners
  • Ribbon burners
  • Y slot burners
Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts

Selas replacement parts are affordable and readily available.

We offer spare parts for almost all of our product lines. For burners, this is often more economical than an entire repair kit because a customer may not need all the parts. This helps to keep repair costs down. Selas can provide complete repair kits for combustion controllers and recommends this approach rather than individual spares for this type of equipment.

If a customer requests it, we can provide a list of spare parts for the product along with a description and part number. This makes re-ordering supplies or spare parts very simple.

For some of our products, there are instruction bulletins for replacing parts or performing minor repairs. See the EquipmentĀ Manuals download section on the Technical Resource page.

Preventive Maintenance

In addition, many of our customers call us to schedule field service during summer shutdowns. We encourage this and are happy to come to your facility for the day and perform preventive maintenance on all equipment to ensure reliable performance throughout the year with less unscheduled downtime. In addition, you may choose a full service contract for a more economical solution. These can be scheduled quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Contact us to discuss your application with an experienced Selas engineer.