Infrared Burners

Infrared process heating was developed to increase production rates and efficiencies. Selas brings production cost savings to industrial customers around the world with this unique product line which can be tailored to the specific application at hand.
Engineering and Products for Infrared Process Heating Solutions
The Selas line of infrared burners includes several Pyronics brand products and the entire Red-Ray product range. Red-Ray is one of the industry's preeminent leaders in infrared technology, and has been granted multiple patents for gas impingement styles of burners. Selas Heat Technology Company acquired Red-Ray in 2012.

Our high intensity gas fired infrared burners and pre-mix air-gas delivery systems are used for heating, drying and curing in many industrial applications such as finishing, powder coating, food, line painting, carpet, flooring, paper and textiles.

The Red-Ray line of direct gas-fired burners from Selas employs an air-gas mixture that combusts and heats an emitter to produce high temperatures and maximum radiation in the medium wavelength 1-5 micron range. Products include surface combustion and gas impingement burners as well as a compact operating and control unit.


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MR-12 Gas Fired, Industrial

The Red-Ray MR-12 is a 5 x 12 inch gas fired surface combustion burner. It is commonly used in industrial applications, such as powder paint, textile pre-dryers, paper manufacturing, curing coatings on paper, powder cross linking, drying, etc. More Info

MR-12Ni Gas Fired, Process Conveyer

The Red-Ray MR-12Ni is a 5 x 12 inch gas fired surface combustion burner. It is commonly used in process conveyor type tunnel ovens, such as pizza cheese melting ovens, bagels, croutons, and numerous other applications. More Info

MR-86 Gas Fired, Protein

The Red-Ray MR-86 is a 6 x 8 inch gas fired surface combustion burner. It is commonly used in protein (pork, chicken and beef) applications for cooking, browning, searing and drying. More Info

Apollo-Ray, Food & Industrial

The Apollo-Ray burner comes in two sizes, 8” x 6” and 12” x 5”. Heat capacities are 22,000 btu/hr and 30,000 btu/hr respectively. The radiant output of the burner is approximately 65% IR and 35% convective heat. More Info

LP-86 Burner, Food & Industrial

The LP-86 Burner is widely used in tortilla chip ovens and many industrial ovens (powder coating) requiring high heat flux density. More Info

Angled Media Gas Fired, Food

The Red-Ray AM series burner models are gas fired surface combustion burners with an emitter shaped like a trapezoid. This provides a broader radiant pattern for uniform energy transfer into the product. It is commonly used in food applications. More Info

Model F Gas Impingement, Food

The Red-Ray model F series is a gas impingement, ceramic refractory infrared burner. It is commonly used in food applications, such as tortilla chip and other snack food ovens. More Info

Model K Gas Impingement, Industrial

The Red-Ray model K series is a gas impingement, ceramic refractory burner, widely used in all kinds of industrial applications, such as glass annealing, drying, preheating, sheet metal coating, etc. More Info

E-Class Infrared, Food & Industrial

The Red-Ray Infra-Red burners are 6 inch long gas impingement types which generate intense, concentrated radiation. They are typically used in industrial applications (curing coatings on steel) and food applications (baking).More Info

MR-7 Gas Fired, Atmospheric

The Red-Ray MR-7 is a 3.6 x 7 inch gas fired, atmospheric, surface combustion burner. It is commonly used in highway applications, such as line painting equipment, etc. More Info

Pilot Flame Ignitors/Monitors for Red-Ray Burners

The Red-Ray series 2000 pilot flame ignitors and monitors are assemblies that are welded to the ends of Red-Ray surface combustion infrared burners. They provide 100% reliability in the light off and monitoring of the burner. More Info

Redi-Pak, Red-Ray Operating & Control Unit

The Red-Ray Redi-Pak Operating and Control Unit is a compact generator of premix air-gas blends for industrial burners. More Info


Model IR, Low Temp Industrial

The Pyronics Infra-Red Burner (Product No. 3207) is designed primarily for low temperature industrial process heating where heat transfer in the Infra-Red range is highly effective. More Info

RL-130 Radiant Line

The Pyronics RL-130 Radiant Line Burner is designed for ease of installation. The radiation surface is entirely ceramic. More Info

IRC-1, High Intensity

The Pyronics IRC-1 Infra-Red Ceramic Burners are designed to deliver high intensity radiation. The radiation surface is entirely ceramic. No metal parts are exposed in the radiation zone. More Info