Selas Brand Burners

Selas offers a full line of premix and nozzle mix gas burners in a variety of shapes and sizes to handle thermal applications from metals, ceramics, and chemicals, to glass, textiles and fiberglass.
A full line of premix and nozzle mix burners for all types of applications
Selas premix and nozzle mix gas burners bring versatility, control and stability to a host of applications from heat treating, air and process heating, soldering, high temperature brazing and glass polishing, to ink or textile drying, and annealing/tempering. All of our premix and nozzle mix burners are designed to offer long service life over a wide operating range.




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Premix Duradiant™ Cup Burners

Selas radiant cup burners are precise ceramic combustion tools designed to radiate heat to workpieces without flame impingement. More Info

Premix Anti-Involution Burners

The Selas Anti-Involution burner employs a high velocity combustion method that provides uniform glass melting ideal for use in fiberglass production. More Info

Premix Multi-Port Perforated Refractory Burners

Multi Port PR BurnersSelas Multiport Perforated Refractory (PR) burners have multiport burner screens that break up flame into a large number of small flames.More Info

Premix Spear Flame Burners

PRS Spear Flame BurnersSelas PRS spear flame gas burners are designed to produce a piloted spear-like heating flame allowing wide turn down and offering flexibility, advantageous performance and long life. More Info

Premix Superheat Burners

Selas superheat burners increase the effectiveness of selective open heating by releasing high heat only to very specific areas of a workpiece. More Info

Premix Extended Length Superheat Burners

Selas Superheat Burners are constructed like refractory-lined furnaces in miniature. More Info

Nozzle Mix DNS Cup-Type Burners

The Selas DNS Nozzle Mix burner features a unique cup-like design that allows combustion air and fuel gas to quickly and thoroughly mix at the nozzle. More Info

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