Forging Furnace

The Selas forging furnace is a highly efficient heating furnace used for forging and providing optimum heat performance.

Selas Forging Furnaces Feature Optimum Performance.

The Selas Forging Furnace is a highly efficient heating furnace used for forging and providing optimum heat performance by using the Selas DNS Duradiant Nozzle-Mix Burner, The burner can be fitted into the roof of the furnace and heat directly under materials on the hearth. This improves furnace efficiency and creates a better quality finished product.

Selas can custom design various types of forging furnace such as batch type, slot type, rotary hearth type and walking beam type.

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  • Rapid, efficient heat transfer and excellent uniformity
  • 15 – 20% increase heat capacity in same type furnace
  • Heat pattern can be established inside the furnace
  • Can eliminate local heating
  • Decrease scale-loss
  • Save energy by combustion of air preheat
  • Compact design minimizes heat loss
  • Perfect combustion and very little NOx
  • Use of ceramic fiber on the furnace wall


  • Mounting a Recuperator for waste heat recovery
  • Loading and unloading Manipulator
  • Auto air ratio control system
  • Stop position (rotary hearth) control system
  • Inside materials displayed system
  • Automation control system


Rotary Hearth Type Furnace

This furnace can be designed and manufactured to a corresponding material’s shape & size. A maximum throughput of 1.5 ton/hr, 5 ton/hr or 8 ton/hr can be achieved through the use of a recuperator and manipulator.

Batch Type Furnace
This furnace can correspond to variations of materials’ shape, size, throughput, and required heat. Use of a recuperator can enhance furnace operation and energy savings.

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