Efficient Curing with Infrared for the Finishing Industry

Selas’ Tim O’Neal presents “Efficient Curing with Infrared for the Finishing Industry” at Fabtech.

Presenter: Tim O’Neal, Selas Heat Technology Company LLC

Venue: Fabtech 2015, McCormick Place, Chicago IL

Date: Wednesday, Nov 11, 2015

Session: Room S404BC, 10:30 – 12:30


The presentation will cover gas-fired infrared burner types and applications, including premix surface infrared, premix impingement infrared, typical IR applications in finishing, and performance highlights of various types of IR burners.

The presentation will provide an overview of various types of burner configurations and surface materials best suited to accomplish the following:

  • Objective
    • Improve throughput of product
    • Reduce footprint of curing oven
  • Purpose
    • Deliver faster gelling and part temperature rise
    • Simplify the design of conveyor
  • Efficiencies
    • Achieve part temperature in shorter distance
    • Reduce fuel consumption