Selas Combustion Controllers are precision premix systems for blending fuel gas and air. They are suitable for most fuels, mixing them with room air and compressing the mixture to deliver a precise, preset gas/air ratio at uniform pressure to the burners. Selas combustion controllers are available with two valve types:

  • Posimix┬« valves for applications requiring constant heat
  • CAV valves for processes requiring variable heating

The Posimix valve is used in positive displacement (Model PM) compressor and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems. Depending on the valve size, from B to F, and compressor/blower rating, these combustion controllers will provide a wide range of mixing capacities from 2,000 SCFH to 150,000 SCFH.

The CAV valve is used in positive displacement (Model CA) type and centrifugal blower (Model TD) combustion control systems, to deliver optimum turndown range in capacities from 500 SCFH to 125,000 SCFH, depending on the valve size, 5 to 150, and the compressor/blower rating.

In either case, the precise combination of compressor/blower and valve selections also depend on other variables, such as the job type, the sea level elevation, the pressure and the capacity. A Selas applications engineer can make the best recommendation to deliver optimum performance. Check the model specifications and capacities in the link to the right, or click the “Request Info Or A Quote” link to get help.


Features and Benefits

  • Completely self-contained
  • Capacities available from 500 to over 150,000 SCFH of mixture
  • Output pressure to 6 psi
  • Precise gas/air ratio maintained over a wide turndown
  • Available with automatic ratio control
  • Low installation cost – single pipe delivery system for one or more control zones
  • For use with any clean commercial fuel gas containing less than 40% hydrogen
  • Rugged – provides years of trouble-free operation
  • Low maintenance