The Pyronics Wafer Butterfly valve units are designed to mount between ANSI 125# flanges. Valve ports are precision bored to full pipe area. Pressure drop across valve is equivalent to 1-1/2 lineal feet of pipe.

Features and Benefits

  • Manual dial pointer indicates valve position.
  • Slight turn of knurled handle locks valve in any position.
  • Wafer fits between standard 125# ANSI flanges.
  • Flange bolts fit wafer to center valve and disc.
  • Adjustable minimum stop permits repeatable low fire setting.
  • Free swinging discs machined for maximum closures.
  • Discs ribbed for maximum strength.
  • Oiltite shaft bearings assure low friction alignment.
  • Grease fittings installed for lubrication when required.
  • Rugged cast iron bodies and discs.
  • Easily converted to motorized operation on the job.
  • 400°F and 1200°F service.