The Series 2000 Pilot Flame Ignitors and Monitors are assemblies that are attached directly to ends of Red-Ray burner sections. They each have a small burner which is used for igntion or monitoring of burners without the need for a separate pilot system. They have an elegant design which provides for both simplicity and reliability in burner operation.

The Series 2000-IPQ-1 pilot ignitor bracket assembly is mounted on the burner section closest to the gas inlet and includes a Kanthal spark ignitor and inconel pilot tip which is tapped directly into the burner manifold.

The current, supplied by an ignition transformer on the control panel, travels through the high temperature ignition wire to the direct spark igniter. The spark produced by the electrode ignites the air/gas mixture on the first burner section.

The flame then propagates through the rest of the burner array. This spark ignition eliminates the need for a separate pilot burner and its associated air and gas train components.

The Series 2000- MPQ-1 pilot monitor is mounted at the burner location farthest from the point of ignition. The pilot ignites via flame propagation from the adjacent burner section.

The flame rod monitors a strong flame signal created by this pilot burner as part of a combustion safeguard system.

The Series 2000 ignitor and monitor devices are used together as diagrammed above or separately in conjunction with other types of ignition and monitoring devices.

The Series 2000 pilots are also available with stainless steel components for food industry applications.

Series 2000 pilot devices also are available for Red-Ray models F and KN burners.

Features and Benefits

  • The air/gas mixture is fed from the manifold to the pilots
  • Kanthal spark ignitors and flame rods, Inconel pilot tips
  • Brass pet cocks on ignitor and monitor feeds
  • 14 gauge stainless steel end bracket
  • Any variation s in the manifold pressure, composition, or flow rate are detected by pilots
  • High temperature resistance for long life performance
  • Allow adjustment of pilot flames to suit burner environment
  • Suitable for food grade environments