These zero pressure gas regulators are used for precise control of heated gases or for equipment locations subjected to high ambient temperatures. They are designed for continuous operation up to 300°F and to resist corrosion from high sulphur or other corrosive gases. The special high temperature construction does not sacrifice performance.

The BZR-300 series regulators duplicate the precise control characteristics of the standard BZR Regulators. They automatically adjust valve position to hold a desired precise outlet pressure. Slight variations in inlet pressure do not affect the performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Accuracy: Low – Flow: 0.1 W.C., Full – Flow: 0.3 W.C.
  • Turndown up to 200:1
  • Continuous operation to 300°F
  • For use with High Sulphur Gases
  • All units factory tested and sealed before shipment
  • Maximum inlet pressure: 2.0 psig
  • Maximum pressure differential: 14.0 W.C.
  • Sensitivity – Responds to signal pressure differential as low as 0.04 W.C.