Selas Heat Technology Company Acquiring Two Burner Companies

Selas Heat Technology Company, LLC Turns Double Play Acquiring Two Burner Companies To Close 2012

Philadelphia, PA, January 31, 2013 – Selas Heat Technology Co. LLC (“Selas”) announces today that it has completed the purchase of Red-Ray Manufacturing Inc. (“Red-Ray”), a portfolio company of Osage Industries, effective December 20, 2012 and Ensign Ribbon Burners LLC (“ERB Ensign”), a privately owned family run business, effective January 2, 2013. Red-Ray manufactures high intensity gas fired infrared burners, premix air-gas delivery systems, including the patented Redi-Pak® system, and ignition controls. ERB Ensign manufactures ribbon burners, air-gas mixing systems, ignition and safety controls. Between the two product lines, applications served include the baking, snack, laminating, textiles, powder coating, glass, wire and metal industries.

“Within a short span of four years, Selas has completed five acquisitions of best in class product lines to expand our technology portfolio thereby further enhancing our World of Combustion Solutions. Red-Ray has unique high efficiency (fuel savings), low NOx burner systems and ERB Ensign held the first ribbon burner patent in the industry and has continued to enhance its burner technology since that time, with Tri-Zone burners a recent example. The combination of these two product lines and the existing Selas family of brands positions our company as a single source for the combustion requirements of the food processing industry,” said David S. Bovenizer, CEO of Selas Heat Technology and Founder of Lionheart Ventures.

About Selas
Selas Heat Technology Company LLC has been dedicated to providing quality heat technology solutions since 1896. Selas has served the advanced thermal processing needs of tens of thousands of customers, providing mixers, blowers, balanced zero-ratio regulators, valves, air heaters, flame safeguard devices for single and multi-burner applications, nozzle-mix family burners (dual and single fuel package, velocity, self-recuperative, immersion tube), premix family burners (including radiant flame shape Duradiant® furnace burners for 1450°C, ceramic and surface emitting infra-red, ribbon, and tunnel), ultra-low NOx flat flame burners, oxy-fuel burners, combustion gas mixers, gas blender valves, flame arrestors and blowouts, BTU monitors and controls, flow meters, and much more. Selas burners can fire a wide range of fuels from gases (natural gas, propane, butane, methane, hydrogen) to oil to biofuels to pulverized coal/wood in ranges from <10,000 Btu/Hr to 20,000,000 Btu/Hr. Mixing and blending products include PosiMix® combustion controllers and air-fuel mixing systems as small as the midget mixer, fuel stabilization systems (Trim-Blend®) and BTU Monitoring device Qual-O-Rimeter®. Selas delivers heat technology solutions to the glass, fiberglass, steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wire, chemical, petrochemical, automotive, paper, plastics, ceramics, heat treating , textiles, food processing, baking, powder coating, line painting, curing and coating (metals, paper and a variety of substrate) laminations and boiler industries with the highest quality products, customer service and aftermarket support.

About Lionheart Ventures
Lionheart Ventures is a Philadelphia, PA based private equity group with the mission of creating strategic and operational value for manufacturing businesses to unlock growth potential. For more information, contact Vanessa Mai, Executive Vice President, Selas Heat Technology Company LLC, 130 Keystone Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936.

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